Malware Data Science

Joshua Saxe and Hillary Sanders, No Starch Press

Welcome to the website for our book, Malware Data Science, a book published by No Starch Press and released in the Fall of 2018.

The book introduces you to the application of data science to malware analysis and detection.  We explore the uses of social network analysis, machine learning, data analytics, and visualization techniques in identifying cyber attack campaigns, detecting previously unseen malware, and understanding shifts in the malware threat landscape.

Here you'll find a sample chapter from the book, as well as the code and data used in the examples in the book.  You'll also find instructions for downloading and running a VirtualBox Ubuntu virtual machine which contains this book's code, data, and all requisite dependencies.  If you'd like to consider purchasing or pre-ordering the book, you can do so at No Starch's site.  All author royalties for the book go to fighting global warming and protecting the environment.